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This website is not affiliated with any 3rd party stores, retailers, merchants which we have link to. Its is suggested that you visit store's privacy statement if you have concerns about the product you purchased. This website is also not affiliated with any apparel brands displayed.

You should visit our site without any worry, as we do not ask for your personal information, nor do we use cookies.

We keep this website safe for children, and it can be used by all age groups.

The only data we receive on your arrival is your IP, screen resolution, OS version, browser version, service provider and a few other computer stats. But all such details are collected anonymously and are for statiscal purpose only.

If any question arise or you think we have not covered something in this statement, then feel free to contact us using the contact page where our email is mentioned.



Disclaimer: This website does not represent affiliation with Clarks footwear. We have only reviewed products from different brand names including UGG's. This is not official website of any brand, so please do not contact us regarding questions about stock availability.


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