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Clarks Un.Loop Black Leather Shoes


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Style Reviews


Loondie from Oneida, NY

There is no breaking in with this shoe-very comfortable from the moment I slipped my feet into them. I can wear these shoes all day and my feet feel great. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

Retired but still running from upstate NY

The shoe is attractive and mostly comfortable. The high back heal does not stop me from wearing them, but if you find another style you like as well, maybe should get that one.

Loves to walk from Palo Alto, CA

I bought these shoes to wear on an upcoming trip to Europe where I expected to spend a lot of time walking around cities. They were perfect! Now that I am back, I expect these to be my go-to shoes this winter.

Lady D from Moosic pa

I use orthotics, but even after adding them, support time was about an hour for me. They are very nice looking and if you don't have to walk much they are ok. I have had 2 surgeries on my right foot so I'm not the usual client. I did keep them but use them for short intervals.

Meburk00 from Lexington, KY

This is a great pair of shoes, no breaking in required, I just put them on and was ready to go. The navy color is great, the feel of the shoes on my feet are just perfect. I couldn't find anything that wasn't great about them. I bought these for myself and I am glad I did.

Rose from Cleveland, OH

This is my second pair of these shoes (different colors) and I love them. Have a hard time getting a comfortable shoe due to some foot surgery. Wore these brand new shoes on a full day sightseeing trip to Washington DC and they were awesome!

Gichole from Florida

You don't have to break these shoes in. Once you slip them on you will be sold. I work on my feet 8+ hours on a concrete floor doing logistics and my feet don't notice when I'm wearing these. Basic and cute at the same time. Amazing. How all shoes should be.


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